General Policies

Anti-racism Policy

The Movement Project is committed to anti-racism work in our Durham community and beyond. Racism of any kind will not be tolerated, it will be addressed if/when seen or heard and students, staff, partners, community members etc. that display and/or participate in any form of racism, will not be welcome or permitted to be a part of our community. Examples include (but are not limited to): comments, “jokes”, music choices, online activity, music selection, clothing (symbols, visuals and/or language).

We are committed to:

  • Providing a safe and welcoming environment for all both in person and online
  • Actively participating and dismantling systemic racism and white privilege through our work, offerings, language, policies, hiring and interactions
  • Educating others while continuing to educate ourselves on anti-racism work, bias, systemic racism and cultural appropriation
  • Ensuring our faculty, staff, participants represent varying perspectives and cultural backgrounds
  • Dismantling hierarchies amongst varying dance genres

Copyright Policy

Any choreography, material, exercises, etc. learned through The Movement Project cannot be copied, shared or sold to other students, teachers and/or the online community.

Minors Policy

All students under 18 must have signed consent and a waiver from a parent/guardian on file. This is to be completed via the online waiver.

Personal Items Policy

The Movement Project is not responsible for any personal items brought into the space. We encourage you to leave all valuables at home.

Refund Policy

You are responsible to provide complete and accurate account information for all purchases. You agree to promptly update your account and other information, including your email address and credit card information, so that we can process your transactions and contact you as needed.

Certain Services may be available exclusively online through the Site and limited quantities may apply. We reserve the right to refuse to sell to any person, to limit Services based on geographic location or jurisdiction, and to limit or cancel quantities per person, per household or per order.

Payment for Services will be processed through the sports management platform Open Sports ( and fees will be deposited into the Company’s bank account through the payment gateway, Stripe (, subject to the terms and conditions of the respective third party provider. Prices for Services are stated, and payable in Canadian dollars. We are not responsible for any fees, changes, exchange rates or additional charges levied by individual financial institutions or credit card companies.

Refunds and cancellations for services and products are permitted in certain circumstances. We reserve the right to modify the following terms on a case by case basis, for any class, service or event that you register for on the Open Sports app. You are responsible for reviewing the refund/cancelation terms prior to confirming each order that is placed on the Open Sports app.


Drop-in classes may be refunded 12 hours prior to the class. After this time, a refund will not be issued. Class credits are only issued at our discretion.

Class series (eg. 4 week yoga series) or class passes (eg. 10-pack classes) are non-refundable and non-transferrable. Class credits for these missed class will not be issued.

Any classes that are cancelled by us (due to weather, staff illness, low enrollment etc.) will be communicated to participants via the Open Sports app at least 6 hours before the start of class, and will be refunded.


All other services and events (eg. in-studio workshops, teaching trainings, studio audits, etc) require a 50% deposit upon booking with balance due and payable on or before the first day of the service/event. Changes in delivery dates require at least 1 week prior written notice to us. Any cancellation that occurs at least 4 weeks from the date of the event will be subject to a full refund; any less notice will result in the forfeiture of the 50% deposit.

Safe Space Policy

All students, faculty and staff have the right to a safe environment. Physical, sexual, and/or verbal harassment of any kind is not tolerated in our organization, both in-person and online. 

Students, faculty, visitors, etc. must treat the space we are working in with respect and are responsible for any damages to the space. 

Students/participants are responsible for letting staff know of any injuries and/or physical limitations and modifying/limiting specific movements to protect their own body. 

All participants are expected to show support, kindness, respect and encouragement towards others. Our community celebrates the successes, achievements and growth of all participants.

It is the dancer’s/participant’s responsibility to ensure that they are registered for a class based on their current level.

In any physical activity, there is an element of risk including (but not limited to): sprains, muscle tears, broken bones etc. All participants must sign a waiver prior to class and understand these risks. When participating in an online class, students are responsible for ensuring they are moving in a clear, safe space with appropriate flooring.

Social Media Policy

Students are welcome to film themselves in class. We ask that credit be given to the choreographer who created the movement if/when sharing online. 

Bullying, harassment and/or negativity towards dancers is not tolerated. The Movement Project has the right to ask any video be deleted online if this is an issue. 

Students and visitors are not allowed to film entire classes and share, post without the permission of The Movement Project. All content, choreography, workshop packages, etc. are property of The Movement Project.

Solicitation Policy

Participants, visitors and faculty/staff cannot solicit business for other organizations before, during or after classes, workshops and/or events.

Visitors Policy

All visitors must adhere to all policies of The Movement Project. Visitors cannot film any portion of a class without the permission of the instructor and The Movement Project administration. Participants are responsible for the actions of any person they bring into the space. Visitors are not permitted for online classes.