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Unique offerings for students and teachers designed to educate, inspire and bridge the gap between dance education and training. All services are offered in-person or virtually and are customizable. We look forward to working with you and your students!

Student Workshops

Teacher Workshops

Lindsay Daniels

Teacher Appraisals

Studio Audit

Student Workshops

Bridge the gap between dance training and education in your studio with a variety of student workshops in topics such as:

  • Dance Injury Prevention
  • Introduction to Composition
  • Anatomy for Dancers
  • Team Building and Goal Setting
  • Positive Body Image for Dancers
  • Anti-Racism & Dance
  • Hip Hop History, Technique and Foundations
  • Improvisation Skills

Workshops are customizable, offered in-person or virtually and are led by qualified, experienced educators.

Female students pictured in a dance studio
Four women pose on an outdoor staircase

Teacher Workshops

Professional development opportunities for your teaching and studio staff. Keep your instructors motivated, inspired through new skills in dance education topics such as:

  • Setting up for Success: Team Goal Setting and Planning
  • Creating a Positive Studio Culture
  • Anti-Racism & Dance
  • Injury Prevention for Dancers
  • Choreography: Strategies to Stay Inspired, Innovative and Current
  • Common Dance Injuries
  • The Importance of Warm-up: Considerations, Best Practices, Conditioning Principles
  • Creating a Body Positive Studio Environment
  • Composition 101: Building Creativity + Student Voice Through Movement
  • Adjudicators: What are they looking for?

Workshops are customizable, offered in-person or virtually and are led by qualified, experienced educators.

Teacher Appraisals

Gain a fresh perspective on dance pedagogy, best practices and areas of growth with your staff. A great opportunity to outline what is going well and how your staff can improve moving forward. Improve consistency and results amongst your teaching staff, leading to greater student success.

A female dance instructor leads a workshop
A woman types on a laptop

Studio Audit

For the studio owners who want to learn, grow, improve and lead by example to their students. Studio audits are customizable and depend on areas of growth your studio is looking for, leading to improvement in programming, studio culture, teaching practices and/or student experience. Examples include but are not limited to:

Competitive Showcase Audit

  • Outline of where and how your students are thriving in their competitive work as well as areas of growth in training, choreography, performance quality.

Recital Audit

  • Audience experience, logistics, student experience, entertainment factor, training gaps, areas of growth.

Anti-Racism Audit

  • Programming, studio culture, teaching practices
  • Action steps and improvement recommendations

Dancer Safety Audit

  • Training evaluation, studio culture, teaching practices, alignment and technique evaluation.

Full Studio Audit

  • Full analysis and report on areas such as: programming, studio culture, teaching practices, choreography, training, website, recital and/or competitive showcase.


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Sarah Stewart

Studio owner

“I just wanted to let you know that today’s workshop was fantastic. For years, being a dance teacher in such a remote community was so hard. I craved being able to brainstorm and bounce ideas off of someone else. Needless to say, this kind of forum is always amazing to be a part of. Your information, insight and organization and the ideas everyone else brought to the table provided so much inspiration. Thank you for putting this on!”

Student Workshop Participant

“Ms. Lindsay, I really enjoyed your flexibility class each week because you always brought positive energy. Not onlyl did you teach us important informaton about keeping our bodies safe, but you also had the biggest smile on your face! Thanks for teaching us these past few weeks.” 

Kaitlin Taylor-Rivet

Studio owner

“I am often inspired by the attention to detail in her programming. Anything from making handouts to slideshows to help with the dancers engage with the work to guiding them through a very well thought out and structured dance and movement class. Her class is seamless in presentation and joyful in spirit.”