About Us

The Movement Project

The Movement Project is an organization dedicated to connecting, educating and inspiring the Durham Region community and beyond, through dance and movement.

The Movement Project was created to:

  • Keep dancers participating in dance past their high school years through dance classes, workshops and performance opportunities
  • Bridge the gap between dance education and training by offering professional development workshops and services for other educators and dance studios
  • Create performance-based events and opportunities for teen and adult dancers
  • Inspire our community to lead a healthy active lifestyle and experience the joy and benefits of movement

The Movement Project culture is empowering, encouraging and inclusive. We offer classes for every level, from the beginner adult who has always wanted to try a dance class, to the seasoned professional who wants to maintain or improve their skill set, and the dancer who used to train consistently but has been away from dance for years. The Movement Project allows you to experience the joy of dance without leaving the Durham Region.

Our classes are taught by knowledgeable and talented instructors who are enthusiastic, welcoming and run a class that is current, high quality and exciting. Expect a lot of cheering, high fives and a strong sense of community over competition.

As experts in the dance education industry, we are committed to sharing our knowledge with the dance world on best practices, dancer safety and injury prevention, teaching excellence, programming, social justice in dance, curriculum development and much more. Our services and events allow educators to learn, grow and enhance their teaching practice and knowledge.

The Movement Project at its’ core is about community and connecting people through movement. We encourage you to join a class, sign up for an event or simply follow us on social media to learn more about us and the vision we have for the Durham dance community and beyond.